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The PDX Main Street Design Initiative is a coalition of community and business leaders, architects, designers, planners, artists and community advocates. For more than six years we've been working  to raise design literacy and empower community members to manage growth and change.


We've been working with neighborhoods across Portland to create main street design guidelines that can apply to any main street. Find out how we're helping communities identify their design goals and priorities. 



Design guidelines, neighborhood design review, development engagement, visioning, workshops and events - we've got many tools for you!  



 Portland is growing! Big policy projects at the City are changing how new buildings will be built, how older buildings may be preserved or put at risk of demolition, and how you will get to be involved.  As our city grows up, do we have clear goals for the design of our neighborhood main streets and buildings? How can community members have a voice in how and where new development happens? Where can we add needed amenities as we grow?  We've been gathering community input and developing policy recommendation to give communities a  greater voice.