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The Sellwood-Moreland Main Streets Design Initiative is engaging community members to create a vision and customize the PDX Main Street Design Guidelines to guide future development with greater sensitivity to local character.





The Sellwood-Moreland Main Streets Design Initiative is a community project to create a vision and design guidelines that can better shape anticipated development along our core main street areas with greater sensitivity to local character.

Main Street Design Guidelines for Sellwood-Moreland

In January, SMILE adopted the Division-Hawthorne Design Guidelines for application to Sellwood-Moreland's core commercial Main Streets. These are voluntary design guidelines and provide helpful community tools for new development. SMILE has been working with the PDX Main Streets Design Initiative, Qamar Architecture + Town Planning, and Forage Design + Planning to customize these guidelines for Sellwood-Mooreland and to proactively set goals for new development.


Now, a new Draft Sellwood-Moreland Main Streets Design Guidelines document is now out for public review. See upcoming meetings and how to comment.

Where do the Design Guidelines apply?

The focus of the guidelines are core main street areas with special character along SE Milwaulkie and 17th Avenues, SE 13th Avenue, Tacoma Street, and SE Bybee Boulevard.

Who’s involved and how? Working with PDX Main Streets, SMILE, the business alliance, the community and a design consulting team, we are engaging the community to describe the local context, and identify shared design priorities and goals. Clarifying the community vision is a key part in the process, as well as identifying our desired character and identity, our special buildings and important sites for special planning consideration.

Get Involved! Join the conversation at one of our community workshops, volunteer, donate, or contact us to learn more.




New Sellwood-Moreland Main Street Design Guidelines Out for Review! View the Draft

Learn more about the new Sellwood-Moreland draft design guidelines and how they can help guide future growth with greater sensitivity to local context and community goals.







Deadline for Written Comments:  EXTENDED from March 14, 2020 to early April

We'll send out updates to the notice list once the postponed SMILE Board meeting is rescheduled. Deadline for written comments will likely be one week before the meeting.


Send any comments, edits, testimonials of support, questions or other feedback to:  ilovepdxmainstreets@gmail.com

Community Review Meetings:

  • SMILE Land Use Committee Review | Wednesday, March 4, 6 pm
    Location: SMILE Station, 8210 SE 13th Avenue

  • SMILE Meeting Board Review & Adoption Consideration  |  POSTPONED. The Wednesday, March 18, 2020, 7:30 pm SMILE Board meeting has been cancelled due to Corona Virus health and wellness concerns about group events. Join the notice list to stay informed of schedule updates by emailing ilovepdxmainstreets@gmail.com.

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Design Walking Tour/Community Meeting #2 on Design, Development + Preservation

Thursday, July 25, 2019, 6:30-8:30 PM

Short main street design walk followed by hour+ community meeting and discussion.  Ice cream sandwiches and drinks provided! This event was the second in a series of three community workshops to inform a vision and  customize design guidelines for Sellwood-Moreland's historic main streets core areas. Come learn about Portland's common design patterns of streetcar era buildings and corridors that can be a guide to new development and give input on your vision, design priorities and goals for new development. Hosted by SMILE, PDX Main Streets Design Initiative and the Sellwood Moreland Business Alliance with support from Qamar Architecture and Town Planning and Forage Design + Planning.

Community Workshop #1: Design, Development + Preservation in Sellwood-Moreland Thursday, June 30, 2019, 6:00-8:30 PM



Meeting Materials


All events are FREE, however we've been raising the funds to work with our local experts to assist with this important work so any donations are much appreciated. 


History & Context of Sellwood-Moreland


Support SMILE fundraising for the Main Street Design Guidelines local effort. To donate and contribute to the cause, visit: www.paypal.me/SMILEPDX.


Want to learn more or get involved? Contact us!

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