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Kiosks in a variety of functions and sizes have been used for centuries as newsstands, information booths, cafe stands, wayfinding posts and more. We have drawn inspiration from the from kiosks locally and internationally including Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Lisbon, Paris, New York, Scandinavia and Italy. Check out our precedents for our proposed kiosk project in Portland's Old Town/ Chinatown neighborhood.


The kiosk has a long history as a community-serving urban design feature and has been making a resurgence as an innovative placemaking element. More and more cities are recognizing their value and are bringing them back in force.


For example, Lisbon has revived their traditional art nouveau small horchata/coffee kiosks and added more than 50 octagonal new cafes with integrated bathrooms as permanent food stands in their parks providing space for small businesses to create successful startups and as had huge success in activating previously underused and unsafe parks into dynamic and vibrant well-loved and well used spaces. Paris is rolling out a series of 300+ new newsstand kiosks designed to match the old, yet with more function upgrades.